Another app hits the store!

Reco is a utility app that allows you to conveniently transcribe audio messages from messaging applications.

Simply open the sharing menu and use Reco’s action to read your message!

It currently supports audio encoded from apps as whatsapp.

Supported languages via local transcription:

English (U.S.); English (Canada); English (India); English (UK); Spanish (Spain); Spanish (Mexico); Spanish (U.S.); Italian (Italy); Mandarin (China mainland); Cantonese (China mainland); Portuguese (Brazil); Russian; Turkish;

Supported languages via online transcription through Apple’s Servers:

English (U.S.); English (Australia); English (Canada); English (India); English (Ireland); English (Malaysia); English (New Zealand); English (Philippines); English (Saudi Arabia); English (Singapore); English (South Africa); English (UAE); English (UK); Spanish (Spain); Spanish (Chile); Spanish (Colombia); Spanish (Mexico); Spanish (U.S.); French (France); French (Belgium); French (Canada); French (Luxembourg); French (Switzerland); German (Germany); German (Austria); German (Switzerland); Italian (Italy); Italian (Switzerland); Japanese; Korean; Mandarin (China mainland); Mandarin (Taiwan); Cantonese (China mainland); Cantonese (Hong Kong); Arabic (Kuwait); Arabic (Saudi Arabia); Arabic (Qatar); Arabic (UAE); Catalan; Croatian; Czech; Danish; Dutch (Belgium); Dutch (Luxembourg); Dutch (Netherlands); Finnish; Greek Hebrew; Hindi; Hungarian; Indonesian; Malay; Norwegian; Polish; Portuguese (Brazil); Portuguese (Portugal); Romanian; Russian; Shanghainese; Slovak; Swedish; Turkish; Thai; Ukrainian; Vietnamese;