Working experience

swift objective-c xcode server jenkins
I am currently in charge of the development of app, working in a mixed Swift/ObjC codebase as a iOS engineer. I am part of the mobile team, implementing business requirements in the main iOS application, while porting code to Swift and implementing good engineering practices with tests and CI.

swift objective-c python angularJS jenkins
I worked with various companies, focusing mainly on adding functionalities to their products or speed up a project.

A few

  • EVERSNAP INC., BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA (remote) [MAY 2016 - APR 2017]
    Eversnap is a startup focused on saving memories from both private and business events. I was keeping track of the iOS application, maintaing legacy code and writing new features to push forward the business.

  • H-UMUS S.R.L., VENICE, ITALY [APR 2015 - APR 2016]
    I worked with H-umus for almost a year, working daily with the internal development team to build new functionalities around their iOS applications, Otto and Nuxie.

    Main developer and Co-Founder. I was in charge of choosing the technology stack used to build our product/solution: a digital menu for restaurants, involving iBeacons. I personally built both the web application and the iOS application/SDK.

Personal projects

  • This blog :tada: Jekyll github-pages Liquid Built with Jekyll and hosted at Github Pages The first revision was something I decided to build almost from scratch using mdl-lite. After the deprecation of that library I decided to move to something minimal and with even less maintenance involved.

  • Syncstart NodeJs

    A simple NodeJS web application that syncs a timer between 2 clients.
    Netflix &.. need to hit play at the same second?

  • Home automation
    Raspberry Pi C.H.I.P. NodeJS

    A Raspberry Pi, one C.H.I.P., a couple of ESP8266 and a lot of sensors. I can control different lights, open the garage door, blast with IR TV/Audio surround and monitor temperature and security cameras. Everything is bridged to Siri and “custom made”, so I can control the system with voice commands.

  • Hello Kiwi
    Objective-C Swift Django

    A simple iOS application built around iBeacon technology, for the Kiwi team.
    Was built for the Ex-Machina camp of H-farm Ventures, to present and demonstrate the iBeacon technology to the public.
    Backend hosted on